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Regularly engaging with informative, thought-provoking legal blogs is one of the most effective ways to stay on top of industry news and emerging legal trends. As a law student or young associate, you have a lot of choices when it comes to law blogs.

While neither you nor your clients should rely on a blog for legal advice, legal blogs can provide general insight and guidance. I created this blog page for those wanting an ear to the ground for note-worthy law happenings. My goal is to create a resource that covers multiple practice areas and topics of interest.

In my book, From Associate to Ambassador, I provide you with specific, actionable tasks or points to consider that will increase your ability to influence, inspire, motivate and manage people. Most tasks are accompanied by a recommended activity to develop your skills and inspire you to greatness.

To obtain a flavor of my book, I strongly recommend that you subscribe to my bi-weekly newsletter by clicking this link. Each edition of the newsletter will feature one excerpt from the book that will help you develop stronger connections to people and ultimately, career success and fulfillment.

The information presented in this blog is derived from the author's research on the internet.  It does not represent the author's opinions or thoughts.  It is merely presented as research and to provide information to anyone interested in any of the featured topics.

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