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About the Book

From Associate to Ambassador speaks to law students, summer associates, and young associates who aspire not only to be elected a partner at a law firm but to achieve extraordinary outcomes in their careers. It is a roadmap for this journey that provides a collection of foundational values and principles to employ. You will have an interactive experience with the content of this book. You will be asked to reflect on key points and take action steps to embed these skills into your daily habits.


The vast majority of these skills are not taught in law school nor are they particularly intuitive. They are derived from observing senior associates and partners who possess the demonstrated ability to build extraordinary relationships with their clients, support staff, and colleagues. These “best in class” attributes, practices, and habits are timeless. They have proven to be successful in the dynamic marketplace where attorneys operate regardless of their field of practice or firm size. From Associate to Ambassador will accelerate your career and take you places few in the legal profession reach.

Learn What Law Schools Don't Teach

"At the heart of professional development lies the relationships between people, co-workers and clients. Jeff Baldassari’s From Associate to Ambassador teaches us that people are the common denominators in achieving success.  This book is an interactive experience aimed at embedding best practices into your career journey and can be applied across all sectors and in any profession. 4 Stars! "

- Doreen Burns, Editorial Reviewer at Book-Central

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